Shazia Khan Certified Consultant


Snazzy Scents Scentsy ProductsMy Scentsy story began in December of 2015. One of my best friends, Forest, bought me some wonderful Scentsy products as a gift! At the time, I had never seen or smelled something so pleasant, and I was over-joyed with her generosity. Forest had gifted me The Jane (a Scentsy classic) and the Hope Warmer (glazed cross warmer).  Each of them came with 6 gorgeously-smelling bars. I felt I had to try the rest.  Today, these are some of my favorite warmers: Champagne, Gold Leaf, Crystal Ice, Sea Stone, Believe, and Antler Lodge. The scents were fabulous!

I was head over heels and knew within the first week of coming home to the most amazing smelling house within a 1,000-mile radius, that I would become a Scentsy consultant! Scentsy products are without a doubt, simply the best quality on the market and with 80 scents to choose from.

I had to share my Scentsy experience with everyone!

If I know about a product that is 100% genuine, I am going make sure that all of my friends, neighbors and pretty much anyone who will talk to me knows! It’s very possible to have a house that smells like Hallmark.

Thanks to my forever friend Forest for always showing me kindness, support, and for never turning me down on being my accomplice. I must also thank you for introducing me to Scentsy — my newest passion.

I have enjoyed every minute of working for a company that prides themselves on their phenomenal, one-of-a-kind hand-painted warmers, exquisite diffusers, and the best bath and body products. Our Scentsy Go system is must have! Scentsy stands behinds all of its products with not only a lifetime warranty but with complete customer satisfaction.

Certified Consultant