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Buy Essential Oils for Stress Relief

You probably know all about essential oils and waxes if you found your way here. Buy essential oils to freshen up the smell of your home, fridge, car, shoes etcs. They’re fantastic for stress and anxiety relief as well! If you want to put some impactful essential oils in your diffuser this evening after a long stressful day, keep reading!

Lavender Oil Essential Oil

As you probably know lavender oil is used in many spas throughout the world. Why? Because it’s very good at chilling people out! This is because Lavender oil contains linalool which has a sedative effect. This means that it can help to relax your muscles, lower your blood pressure. All while increasing circulation. Furthermore it helps to lower cortisol in the blood steam. All of these factors help with stress relief.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass is another spa favorite that you may already know about. It has a great ability to lower stress levels just like lavender oil.

Bitter Orange Essential Oil

Did you know that the bitter orange tree is actually used to make three different oils? One comes from the fruit, another from the leaf and one from the flower. Bitter Orange is another essential oil that works wonders on stress and even has been used in studies to mark the reduction in the stress of waiting patients in dental offices

Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage Oil is great particularly after a long day on your feet. It helps to relax tensed and stressed muscles with ease and is a great substitute for days when you want to switch out the lavender oil

There are plenty of different oils to choose from when it comes to those of us who need to relax after a long day. You can also look for Vetiver and Ylang Ylang oil to aid in relaxation. If you want to start relaxing ASAP check out the offerings in my online store. Make your home smell great and breathe in a breath of fresh air after a long day at work or play! You can buy essential oils in an easy to use drop bottle form to be placed in a diffuser. You also have the option of buying wax melts which last longer than traditional candles and smell divine! Contact me with any questions you might have about your essential oils purchases.

Change Up Your Daily Routine With The Best Essential Oils

Buying the best essential oils can be so much fun, there’s plenty of great scents to use with health benefits like stress relief and calming attributes. They make you home smells great and can really change your daily routine for the better depending on how you use them. There are plenty of ways to use essential oils and below are some you may not have considered yet.

Deodorize your fridge

Admit it, we all on occasion have had a weird stink in our fridge, It might have been leftover food or perhaps a forgotten fruit buried somewhere in the back. Once the culprit is found, it’s quickly tossed out and you have to wait for that smell to fade. With a little lemon essential oil you are step to go. Add 15 drops to a box of baking soda and stick in the fridge to freshen things up.

Clear up food odors

If you cook at home you may find that something your made for dinner is still lingering in the air the next morning. It can be less than appetizing a day later. So a great way to fix that is by boiling a small pot of water on your stove. You can pop a few drops of lemon oil in the water to clear the air of scents.

The Best Essential Oils

Need Energy?

Sometimes it can be hard to power through the rest of your work day. Instead of having a sixth cup of coffee try putting a little peppermint into your diffuser for a quick zap of energy to get you through to the end of the day.

Feeling Nauseous?

If you are dealing with a little nausea peppermint oil can be your friend. Add about 5 drops to some fraction coconut oil and rub it into the soles of your feet.

Cure the Shoe Smells

It can be so annoying to put on sticky gym shoes. You feel like everyone can smell you coming. An easy way to fix this is by putting  half a cup of baking soda in a sock with 5 drops of tea tree oil. Tie it off with a rubber band and stick on into each shoe for a few hours.


If you want a nice natural glow you can add one drop of lavender oil to your usual body lotion.

Smelly Car?

No judgement here! We spend so much time in our cars that sometimes they take on the smell of our  fast food lunches, dirty gym clothes and other items. A great (and cheap!) way to solve this is soaking a cotton ball in a little of your favorite oil and clipping it to your ac vent with a clothespin.

Finding the best essential oils can be very exciting. With these new tips in mind make sure to check out my online store to stock up on your favorite scents and waxes!

The Best Essential Oils When Traveling

The best essential oils you can bring when you travel will depend on your preference. Regardless of the oil you use, it allows your travel a more memorable one.

It does not matter whether you drive your car for hours or spend the day on the plane. Having an essential oil travel kit can alleviate anxiety while it kicks your jet lag.

What are the Best Essential Oils While Traveling?

1. Motion Sickness

One of the best oils if you suffer from motion sickness is ginger. Motion sickness is a top travel problem.

It occurs when your brain is receiving mixed messages of the movement. The problem worsens when you try to check your phone or read a book.

The best essential oils for motion sickness will ease the sick feeling without causing any side effects.

Ginger essential oil is known to improve digestion. It stops queasiness and improves circulation. It is also great in people who are recovering from surgery.

If you do not like the scent of ginger, you may opt for peppermint oil. It is known as after dinner mint because it has antispasmodic properties.

It relaxes the stomach muscles while it improves your digestion to avoid the feeling of sickness. Apply the oil on your pulse points or belly.

The Best Essential Oils

2. Jet Lag or Sleep Disturbances

Crossing a time zone can easily throw your body off. Jet lag is a common complaint among travelers.

It happens when your circadian rhythm is disrupted causing several symptoms like crankiness and fatigue. It also causes you to be awake when you should be sleeping.

One of the best oils for jet lag is cedar wood. It oxygenates the brain allowing it to adapt to the changes in time zones.

It relaxes the nervous system to soothe any feeling of restlessness. Before you travel, make sure to apply two drops of oil to your pulse points. You will feel fresh and relaxed during your travel.

Lavender is also useful as it alleviates any digestive issues. It has relaxing properties that are fitting for nausea and anxiety, thereby, helping any jet lag feeling.

If you are staying in a hotel with a diffuser, then you can add a few drops of lavender or cedarwood oil to it. Or you may spray it around the room. You may also add a few drops to your pillow.

Do you need a diffuser for your essential oils? If you do, then shop our collection at Snazzy Scents. We have different types of diffusers that you can display in your room or office. It can sit nicely anywhere you wish to place it.

If you like driving long-distance, you may consider the Amazon rain Scentzy car bar. The scent can last up to 30 days.

It helps in relaxing your mind during your long journeys. But it will not make you fall asleep. You will feel refreshed throughout your journey.

Unlike other online sellers, Snazzy Scents offers a lifetime replacement warranty. If the product is damaged during shipping or has an electrical issue, return it to us and we will replace it. Shop for the best essential oils today to help you travel with ease.